Lash Primer

  • Must have item for pre-application routine for eyelash extensions
  • Remove cosmetic residue, and oil from natural eyelashes
  • Speeds up the lash application time
  • Improves adhesion, and enhances retention leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Clear Liquid Formulation
  • Lemongrass Scent

XXSBEAUTIE eyelash extension primer removes cosmetics residue, oil, and dust from the client's eyelashes before applying the eyelash extensions. This pre-application cleaning routine improves adhesion, enhances retention times, and increases customer satisfaction.

The eyelash primer contains allantoin, an extract of natural herbal ingredients, which is known to have disinfectant and cell rejuvenation properties. Its use minimizes lash damage leaving your clients with longer and healthier looking natural lashes.

How to use 

1. First, remove any make-up with oil-free make-up remover or lash shampoo and wipe it with water.
2. Apply a small amount of eyelash extension primer on 2 disposable microfiber brushes for eyelash extensions.
3. Place one brush beneath the lashes, and the other on top
4. Gently glide the lash extension primer up the eyelashes, cleansing each lash thoroughly.
5. Lashes should be completely dry before applying eyelash extensions.

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