Brow lamination is a noninvasive procedure that realigns the direction of the natural brow pattern in such a way to give you the the appearance of a fuller, fluffier brow!


Who is Brow Lamination for?

  • Anyone looking to improve the overall look of their brows
  • Anyone with sparse brows or those who are growing out their brows
  • Anyone not ready to commit to microblading or permanent makeup
  • Anyone with unruly, stubborn brow hair


Are there any reasons Brow Lamination might not be suitable for me?

  • Brow lamination is not safe or recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • This procedure is not recommended for anyone who has recently had eye surgery, has any open wounds/ pimples around the brow area, or anyone who is currently experiencing pink eye or any other eye irritations.
  • Brow lamination is not recommended for anyone with eczema or psoriasis around the eye/brow area
  • It is not recommended if you have very sensitive skin or an active sunburn around the brow area.
  • If you are on any blood thinners (including fish oil or omega), it is recommended to discontinue using them 48 hours prior to your appointment.


How do I prep for my Brow Lamination appointment?

  • It is important for this area to be clean and free of makeup, pressed powders and moisturizers.
  • For best results, please grow your eyebrow hairs and avoid threading/waxing/plucking/trimming for up to 4 weeks prior.
  • Do not apply Retinol, Retin-A, BHA/AHA, or exfoliate 72 hours before your appointment as this may irritate your skin.


Aftercare: For 24 hours post brow lamination:

• Avoid getting your brows wet - no water, heat, steam, sweating, pools, tanning beds, or direct sunlight.

• Avoid makeup, makeup remover, toners, cleansers on or around the brows. Using an oil-free makeup remover is always a good idea!

• Avoid scrubbing or touching brows.

• Do not apply Retinol, Retin-A, BHA/AHA, or exfoliate 72 hours after your appointment as this may irritate your skin.

• Do not use self tanning products on the face for 48 hours after the treatment.

• Apply fur oil daily- this helps condition and maintain healthy, hydrated brows, while prolongIng the wear of your eyebrow tint. If you do not use the recommended Fur Oil, your brow hair will become dry, brittle and unruly.

• Use the mascara wand given to brush brows into place when needed.


How long does Brow Lamination last?

Generally, brow lamination lasts from four to six weeks. Depending on how well you look after your brows, it can last up to eight weeks. After the four to six-week period, it's recommended that you get your brows re-laminated in order to maintain the look over a longer period of time.