Welcome, Lash Enthusiast, to XXSBEAUTIE!!

Our company is run by FULL-TIME Lash Artists with over 5 years combined lash experience, so we know a thing or two about the importance of high quality lashes!

We understand the struggles of searching for supplies from trustworthy and reputable sellers that also offer affordable prices! We know the difference great customer service and attentiveness to inquiries makes when purchasing for your hard earned business!

We have committed endless hours of research and providing feedback directly to the manufacturer on the product development phase, along with testing with our incredible volunteers through trial and error, and comparing our results to the other products we have used from many other suppliers in our careers.

Therefore, we are excited to bring our own product line to life! Our Lash Extensions are the highest quality and are the longest lasting lashes we have seen in the industry!

We know that you will be happy with the incredible quality of our lashes and our entire product line! Try out for yourselves why we use these products every day in our own business and why we have so many satisfied customers!

Reach out to us for more information or to see our portfolio.